Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Edge of Nowhere

Author: Elizabeth George

You can hear whispers–or bits and pieces of people’s thoughts, and this special ability forces you to move away from your old home and completely leave you old identity behind. Becca King, previously Hannah Armstrong, moved to Whidbey Island to escape what her cruel stepfather had done. She has to leave her mother as well, and when things don’t go as expected, Becca finds herself learning more about Whidbey Island than she thought she would...including helping to solve a crime.

The Edge of Nowhere is definitely a book for eight graders or high school students because younger readers might easily become bored. Even though the book is centered around a girl, I think that some boys would like this read. Any reader who has ever moved to a completely new place will be able to relate to Becca and her struggles to fit in as the new girl. 

I really enjoyed The Edge of Nowhere. The plot seemed like a very original idea, which made this book even better. The thing I liked best about this book is how it was very truthful and seemed like it could be happening right now. The characters are all very believable and I could relate to them easily even though I’ve never been through anything they are going through in The Edge of Nowhere. 

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