Thursday, January 3, 2013


Author: Michael Grant
Publisher: Egmont

Sadie (now Plath) and Noah (now Keats) have just been plunged into a war. A war between two sides that each use microscopic technology to kill and control. Plath and Keats are forced to work together, despite not knowing anything about each other, not even their real names. Plath is fighting because the enemy of her side killed her father and brother. Noah is fighting because his brother was a part of the war and the skills that you must have are usually found in siblings as well. Both will have to fight for their 
lives-- and what they believe is right.

BZRK is definitely for older readers. Parts of the book are violent and descriptive, which younger readers wouldn’t enjoy. I think that readers who enjoying reading books that take a scientific or technological look at things would also like this read. I think that boys would enjoy this book more than girls because there is so much action in it. 

I did like BZRK. But there were some flaws. First off, you were plunged into all these new terms and names and words as though the author thought you knew what they meant. I also didn’t like how violent it was at parts. However, the plot was very action-filled and I couldn’t stop reading! Also, I really liked the characters’ personalities, how different they are, and how the author tied them into the story. 

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