Monday, July 23, 2012

Before You Go

Author: James Preller
Publisher: Feiwell and Friends
What would you do if several years ago, a terrible accident rocked your family and things are just starting to feel right again–when suddenly another disaster strikes? Jude Fox still feels guilty about his little sister drowning when he was supposed to be watching six years ago, but he’s beginning to put it in the past. He’s starting a new summer job, finding new friends, and falling in love. But things refuse to be perfect for him...including another horrible catastrophe that will change his life yet again.
Before You Go is a perfect book for boys and girls from fifth to eighth grade. Teens that prefer dramatic novels with a hint of comedy and romance will love this read. 
Before You Go is a very powerful book, encompassing strong emotions and their various responses, like guilt and forgiveness. A beautiful plot seems to be cut short at the end, not seeming to be wrapped up just enough for many readers to thoroughly enjoy. It is a generally sound book, however, and is definitely worth reading.

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