Friday, October 19, 2012


Author: Jeff Hirsch
Publisher: Scholastic Press

What would you do if you realized everything you thought you knew was a lie? Glenn Morgan lives right next to the Rift, a boundary that keeps her people inside. Beyond it is said to be desolate, lifeless land for miles and miles. But when Glenn’s father finishes work on the Project, a project he’s poured long hours into, life will never be the same for Glenn. Will she survive the shocking realizations and devastation? Or will she give up?

Magisterium would be best for middle school boys and girls. Readers who enjoy reading about fantasy would like this. Anyone who likes books about possible future societies would also like this.

I can’t say that Magisterium is bad, because it isn’t. However, I couldn’t get into the book at all. The writing wasn’t very interesting to me. I did like the main ideas that the author wrote about, though. Another thing that made it hard to like was that I could predict almost everything that was going to happen. It didn’t make me as excited to read on when I already had guessed what was going to happen. 

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