Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Peculiar

Author: Stefan Bachmann
Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Lately, changelings like yorself have been showing up dead in the river–which gives you an even bigger reason to stay hidden in your house. Bartholomew is a changeling–part human, part fairy–and so is his sister, Hettie. When a mysterious woman takes one of your friends, you decide to investigate and find yourself thrown into a world of traitors, likes, and also, true friends.

Even though the main character in The Peculiar is a boy, girls will enjoy this read as well. Readers who like historical fiction and fantasy will enjoy this read where the author wraps it all together.

I really enjoyed The Peculiar, for several reasons. The plot and story were childish in their ideas, yet somehow grown-up seeming and easy to read. The author also described things in a way that made everything seem more colorful and real. Another thing I loved was that the characters were incredibly realistic and added a bit of depth to the story. 

Note: On page 163, 'Mr. Jelliby' is spelled 'Mr. Jellinby'.
          On page 318, the sentence 'The glass with completely dark...' should be 'The glass was...'

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