Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bridge of Time

Author: Lewis Buzbee
Publisher: Feiwell and Friends

What would you do if you and your best friend were just taking naps, but when you wake up, its 1864 instead of 2012? Lee Jones and Joan Lee both discover that their parents are getting divorces on the same night–what a coincidence! So when they sneak away from a boring field trip to talk, fall asleep, and wake up in a different time, will they want to go back to that exact same day?

Bridge of Time would attract the attention of boys and girls in fifth grade through middle school. Time travel is a big part in this book, so readers that like that sort of novel would enjoy this.

Bridge of Time is amazing. Despite the main concept being something confusing–time travel–the author tells the story in just the right way that it makes complete and perfect sense. The only thing in this novel that could use a little work are the characters. They are already developed, but not to the extent that many readers enjoy.

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