Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wicked Sweet

Author: Mar’ce Merrell
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

What would you do if one of your childhood enemies and his best friend suddenly wanted to hang out with you? Chantal and Jillian have been best friends for a long time and always do a project over the summer. But then Chantal’s enemy Will, and his best friend Parker, suddenly want to hang out with the girls. When Chantal uncovers their sneaky motive, she hatches a plan to get revenge, filled with wickedly sweet cake. 

A must read for girls between fifth and eight grade. Girls that love to cook would be able to relate to Chantal and girls that have lots of siblings can relate to Jillian and her numerous little brothers.

Wicked Sweet is like a cake in itself–a comedy, frosted with romance, and sprinkled with  small town adventure. Despite the silliness of this book, Wicked Sweet actually deals with some pretty big problems in the lives of teenagers. A story of redemption and standing up for yourself, this book doesn’t disappoint in any aspect and will make you cheer and boo along with Chantal and her friends. One thing I really enjoyed about this story was how Chantal and Jillian’s voices were honest and never wavered from the truth. It made this book all the more realistic and likeable.

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