Monday, August 27, 2012


Author: Timothy J. Bradley
Publisher: Scholastic

After being sent to the Reclamation School, Andy Greenwood is miserable. After running away from yet another foster home, he is finally sent away into the middle of nowhere to the Reclamation School. After getting in trouble, a huge earthquake destroys the school and releases a wave of mutant, bloodthirsty bugs. Andy and his new friends (and enemies) will have to join together and get rid of the bugs before they spread--to the rest of the world. 

Boys that like sci-fi novels that are based on Earth will enjoy Infestation. This book would be best for fourth to sixth graders.

Infestation seems almost fake. While some books can pull off plots like Infestation’s, the author doesn’t make this book seem real enough. The plot isn’t very complex either, and would be better for younger readers. The characters could definitely use some more development as well, as they seem stiff when they talk to each other. All around the book could use some improvement.

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