Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Fire Horse Girl

Author: Kay Honeyman
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books

Imagine going with your father and a young man you barely know across the ocean to America–from China. Jade Moon is a Fire Horse, which means she is stubborn and dangerous. When the opportunity arises to leave China, and her old life, behind, she takes the trip of a lifetime. Soon she will be making the toughest choices of her life as nothing seems to go right for her, the Fire Horse girl.

Readers that enjoy historical fiction about the 1920s will really like this novel. Since it deals a lot with Jade Moon and the hard decisions she is forced to make, readers that like strong female characters will love this book. The Fire Horse Girl would be best for high school girls.

The Fire Horse Girl wasn’t a particularly great book in my opinion. The entire story meandered its way along, and was very slow and boring. Despite that, I did learn a lot about how Chinese were treated in America in the 1920s. I would recommend this to older readers and readers that are looking to learn something.

Note: On page 202, the sentence "When I woke the next morning, my fingers were..." has two commas.

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