Thursday, September 13, 2012

Under the Bridge

Author: Michael Harmon
Publisher: Random House

Skateboarding is what Tate and his brother, Indy, love. School is definitely lower on their list of things they enjoy. But for Indy, it’s not something that is even important. After Indy gets in more trouble with his dad, he leaves home and starts making bad choices. And Tate will have to make good decisions to bring him back-–but what happens when there are so many decisions that it is impossible to know which ones are right?

Some girls might enjoy Under the Bridge, but boys will be more interested in the characters and their problems. Readers that love skateboarding will understand Tate and Indy’s loyalty to it. Also, skateboarders will understand what some of the skateboard tricks are that are mentioned throughout the story.

Under the Bridge is amazing in several ways. First of all, each of the characters is completely unique and realistic. Second, the story pulls you in and doesn’t let go without a fight. And last, but definitely not least, each page offers a new scenario where you ask yourself “what would I do?”. The only thing I didn’t appreciate was that the author occasionally used skateboarding terms that I didn’t know, but you didn’t absolutely need to know what they meant to understand the story.

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